Our technologies are moving the RV industry into the future.

RV Infotainment

RV dashboards and entertainment systems have traditionally lagged begind the auto industry. Our next-generation infotainment system for RV's will make the auto-makers jealous.

IOT Transformation

The Internet of Things, known as IOT, has the potential to impact our lives in fascinating new ways. It allows us to bring this innovative "smart" technology to the RV community.

Electric Drive Systems

A major technological transformation of the RV industry is finally underway. We're working hard to bring recreational vehicles into the realm of electric-powered vehicles by solving the problems posed by "range anxiety".

Unplugged, and Still More Connected Than Ever

Sitting behind the wheel of a modern-day automobile, you would expect to be able to control the car’s climate, entertainment, and navigation functions, all from a single touch-screen interface. The driver can lock the doors and roll down the windows, all from the convenience of the driver’s seat.

But present-day motor homes have suffered from a lack of interoperability between these systems. Why? Typically recreational vehicles are characterized by two discrete systems—the ‘chassis’, and the ‘house’. The chassis accommodates core vehicle functions like the engine and transmission. The house, on the other hand, has its own circuitry for power, and virtually no common communications protocol. But for a few strands of interconnectivity, the two systems are totally different.

The ramifications of this design are significant. The stereo belongs to the chassis, while the televisions are a part of the house circuitry. The vehicle’s climate control is distinctly different from the house’s air conditioner. Universal Serial Bus ports, found throughout the house, cannot stream audio to the stereo speakers or video to the televisions. And every switch, dial, knob, and read-out operates independently of the vehicle’s infotainment system. Naturally, there are reasons why this legacy design exists, mostly having to do with manufacturing and procurement processes of RV’s.

But manufacturing efficiency doesn’t necessarily have to impede systems integration. Imagine having the ability to control the vehicle's slides, ambient lighting, cameras, and security system, for starters. And consider how useful it would be to seamlessly integrate your mobile device with this system. Imagine that all of these systems could communicate securely and wirelessly to the Cloud. We have. Steller Logic Solutions is rethinking the classic RV communications infrastructure. We’re integrating systems in a way the RV industry has never seen before. And in doing so, we’re creating new ways to integrate mobile devices, wall-mounted touch-screen interfaces, and physical controls into a single seamless—and beautifully integrated design.

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